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Tesco's trips



Brian's Fun Page

a)    Dubai bound

During the past months Brian and Jackie have had to say 'goodbye' three times to our son Nick his wife Hafwen and family, as they departed from Cheshire to live in Dubai and holiday visits earlier this year in January and March.  Nicholas took up an appointment there with an engineering company last October as Group Finance Manager. 

Below a last photo from their home in Cheshire, middle a farewell from the Irish Village in Dubai and the far left from their new home in Dubai.


All the family have really settled down to a super new life and the children are enjoying their new environment and schooling, particularly with numerous activities in Dubai itself and its surrounds in the Emirates.

Photographs below are of the girls leaving school in the UK, and in the middle in the swimming pool outside there new home.



b)  Harry is growing up

Adam and Belinda's son Harry, is now six year old and is shown below with his new class friends for this coming September and one of him suitable attired and ready 'to go'. On a recent school sports day one of  his many activities there was an 'egg and spoon race'.



Another photo shows a recent family camping holiday in Cartmel, and during June his mum and dad celebrated 10 years of marriage and we all visited Waterton Park, Wakefield for a meal together, where they were originally married.  In early August on a day out to Greenhead Park Huddersfield, he enjoyed the day with his cousins, James and Charlie, even venturing into the paddle pool there where his grandad spent many hours years ago when he was a similar age.

c)  James and Charlie

Our other grandchildren have also had a very eventful year with Charlie graduating from nursery during July and she will start school in September, the same one as her brother James. Two days after graduation is was a school farm day outing  and here Charlie is carrying our bag of food and later tractor riding with her grandma.

James did his annual class dance round the May-Pole and we are sure that Charlie will be pleased to join him next year to dance. We had a very nice and happy Christmas with Russell and Tracey in Cheshire, and Russ's brother, Kevin was home from Dubai to celebrate the occasions with us.


During May we spent a week in Anglesey at Silver Bay the holiday home of Russ and Tracey, which is very near Hollyhead, and enjoyed super weather and plenty of outings to the surrounding beaches and towns.

La Manga, Spain

At Spring Bank Holiday we spent a week at this golfing resort with Russell and family, and the children spend a long time in the swimming pools there and played a little bit of tennis later in the week.  Russell and Brian also managed two games of golf on the super exotic North course.


d)  Brian and Jackie move about

On our first visit to Dubai we had a brilliant day out miles into the desert at the Emirates Equestrian Centre at Bab Al Shams resort and most of the family had either a camel or horse ride or both.  One of the highlights of the holiday was afternoon tea at the exotic Burj Al Arab, where apparently anything that looks like gold is!!! and even eatables on top of our cakes were gold.  Later with Nick and Hafwen we had drinks in the bar at the top of the tower.  While we were there grandson Vaughan had his 2nd birthday to celebrate, here seen with his dad.  We also visited the famous Creek many times, the origins of  Dubai, and had a drink at one of the pavement cafes - where in April it would be 'too hot to sit', according to the cafe employees.





During out second visit in March it was Brian's turn to have a birthday and celebrated this at the Jumeirah Hotel which very near to the Burj Al Arab. We had another visit to a local park and son Nicholas and Vaughan 'got lost' in a photo comprising many local Indian workers. 

We have had several recently, one in November to Shap Wells Hotel, near Penrith for a five day early Christmas festival, and this year days out to Skipton in the Dales for a meal and canal boat ride, a third to Scarborough and a fourth quite recently to Chatsworth House in Derbyshire.


Finally on a day out to Bolton Abbey recently, we met up with two of Nick's old school friends from All Saints High School at the Strid there -  John and Tom, the latter being the best man at his wedding.  A very unexpected meeting in an area renown for unforeseen happenings.