The Internet - Searching and Communication with 

Web and E-mails

OCR - INTERNET TECHNOLOGES STAGE 1 - Using the Internet for On-Line Research - August 2001


Why not become a proficient user of the INTERNET, particularly in relation to searching for certain items of information and such as locating such facts as say for example a theatre show in New York on Broadway.  To search for specific items logical functions such as 'and', 'or', 'not' and '+' may have to be used otherwise there can be thousands of sites relating to a particular search.  

For example looking at the above example to put into a search engine such as could entail a string such as 'America and New York and Broadway and Theatre', (without the quotes).


Although an e-mail gives transmission and reception from your own terminal and your own Internet Service Provider, why not use a Web-mail account at no cost whatsoever - such as and then you can transmit from any Internet terminal in the world and open up your mailbox to send and acknowledge communication for any distance from your home base.

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