Building Your Own Personal Web Site

OCR Internet Technologies Stage 1 -  Publish Information on a Web Site - August 2001

There are many different packages for creating Web sites, even such everyday ones of Microsoft Word and Publisher can be used - one of the easiest to use is Microsoft Front Page 2000 with its associated tabs at the lower part of the page to move quickly between Normal - HTML and Preview.

However all packages will all come down to HTML (Hypertext Mark-Up Language) at the completion with further possible added material from a program such as Java to enhance the site. There are many other sources of material but many may have to be paid for!!!

This site was constructed mainly using FrontPage and HTML with the former being used for the majority of it and the latter used exclusively for the Form design and the tidying up the various parts.  The counter is free from: and the site gives a regular update to your own e-mail address. The clock has been 'stolen from Ivor' and is what I call an 'AppleJack', and applet, ie written by someone else.

All the photographs have been taken on a medium quality digital camera with a file extension of .jpg and will eventually be replaced..

The site name was obtained from:  reasonably cheaply, there are many other including:


JustDomains also gave as a package, free hosting for a year. There are some service providers completely free but generally you carry their advertisements. 

The programs used for FTP was Terrapin, it is Shareware and costs 20 after one month, it can be located on:


A Web page can also advertise yourself, similar to a Curriculum Vitae (CV), or your hobby, or your small business. Whatever a site is it is always now a thing to contemplate because the INTERNET is a world wide communication network.

All sites can be viewed one-line by selecting from the Menu Bar View Source.

Contact me if you require help.