about this site

The site was constructed during a study period at Rawthorpe High School, being part of the Adult Education branch of Huddersfield Technical College during the academic year of 2000/2001 and I am fully indebted to the tutor Stanley Sykes for all his expertise and helpful advise given to me during the OCR Course on Internet Technologies Stage 1.

Is has been enhanced at two classes during the early part of 2002, organized by Beaumont Street Studios at Paddock Village Hall, the classes being Computer Graphics and Building a Web Site, the tutor being in both cases, Simon Ashbee, who is an absolute mind of information with a very under standing personality for all his students.   

It is designed to be a fun site and is now operational to friends and people in the Huddersfield/Halifax area of the country.

Initially the site will be directed at helping people to use the INTERNET, particularly in relation to shopping as indicated on my Home Page and additionally people wanting personal Web sites.

And as most publications indicate - I should say that the site is still under construction and will be upgraded and updated at time goes by!!!