which may be the best?

City and Guilds of London Institute - Build a PC - Microcomputer Systems Installation and Maintenance 2 - August 20000



     There are many advantages to both purchasing or building a computer, however although the former may give you great satisfaction (when is it up and running), the latter will have a guarantee with it for at least twelve months, possibly with a on site call-out as well.  Also which type of chassis is best suited for your or your office?

     PURCHASING   Many different suppliers are available, particularly in computer magazines,  but care here is needed to ascertain what happens when things go wrong under the guarantee or not!!!  A local shop may build you exactly what you want, after all parts throughout the industry are very similar.  A good start to look at is Elonex at Bradford,

     BUILDING   Again the parts may be obtained locally at the following sites:


and the use of INTERNET as an aid to construction is available on several other sites, two being listed below:  

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